University in Florida

Florida is home to a diverse range of universities, offering excellent programs and opportunities.

1. University of Florida (UF)

Located in Gainesville, UF is known for its extensive research programs and strong academic offerings.

2. Florida State University (FSU)

Based in Tallahassee, FSU is renowned for its arts and science programs and is a member of the State University System of Florida.

3. University of Miami (UM)

Situated in Coral Gables, UM is a private research university with a strong emphasis on health sciences, law, and business.

4. University of South Florida (USF)

Located in Tampa, USF is a prominent public research university, known for its medical school and STEM programs.

5. Florida International University (FIU)

Located in Miami, FIU is known for its diverse student body and strong programs in business and international relations.

6. Florida Atlantic University (FAU)

Based in Boca Raton, FAU is recognized for its engineering and business programs.

7. University of Central Florida (UCF)

Situated in Orlando, UCF is known for its size and strong programs in hospitality management, engineering, and digital media.

8. Florida Institute of Technology (FIT)

Located in Melbourne, FIT is a private research university with a strong focus on STEM disciplines.

9. Nova Southeastern University (NSU)

Based in Davie, NSU is a private research university with notable programs in health sciences, law, and business.

10. Rollins College

Situated in Winter Park, Rollins College is a private liberal arts college known for its strong undergraduate programs and beautiful campus.